Catalogs and Printed Matter

Smyser-Royer put out numerous pieces of printed matter and advertising from their inception to the mid-1930s.  Catalogs are as follows:

Catalog "C" - This catalog shows their line of Cast Iron Verandas and railings.  Not dated but the accompanying letter shows officers as W. H Myers and Frank C. Royer so it may be 1922 or later.

Catalog "E" - Basically the same as Catalog "C" .

Catalogue "H" -  Catalogue "H" features monumental exterior lighting only, with only one page in the rear mentioning other products.

Catalogue "J" - This catalogue was issued on or about October, 1925 and is an expanded version of Catalogue "H", featuring an additional 10 pages of lighting and three pages of non-lighting related products

Catalogue "K" - This was their last full-line catalogue, issued in 1932 (dated price sheet in Hagley Museum collection)  It features only two additional lighting fixtures but with another ten pages of other cast iron-work including four pages of verandas.  The 52 page price list, dated May 1st, 1932 is in the Hagley Museum collection.

Folder "L" - Titled "Arts & Crafts Lanterns", this 23 page booklet is in the Frances Loeb Library at Harvard University. 

The Lamp of Hospitality: a little book about lighting" - This sixteen page booklet is undated.  Holders include Columbia University and the Cleveland Public Library.